StaffTalk is a staff engagement platform which uses the power of a Mobile App to provide organisations with a new and interactive way to communicate with staff who work internally or remotely, 365 days a year. Its simple, intuitive design is created around what’s important to Staff Engagement. StaffTalk365 gives organisations a new way to reach out to staff, and it allows the business to listen to its employees. The rich functionality helps promote staff recognition, well being and rewards staff for great ideas which contribute to the success of the business.

  • Gathers real-time anonymous insight into staff engagement, it helps highlight the effects .of continuous improvement efforts, morale, happiness and sentiment.
  • Inspires and promotes the culture of staff “recognition “and it allows staff to nominate individuals or members of the team to be recognised.
  • Helps capture ideas and suggestions from staff around the business.

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Features that add value to your organisation

The ability to listen to your staff anytime

Rather than listening to your staff feedback once a year, we believe organisations need to have a way to effectively communicate throughout the year, allowing employees and organisations to drive positive changes.

Communicate anywhere anytime

StaffTalk opens a two way dialogue between the organisation and staff. Using a mobile phone staff can actively communicate in their own time, be it after work, sitting in the canteen,travelling or away on business.

Benefit from real time insight

Information gathered provides the organisation with a real-time insight into staff morale and sentiment.Better still,organisations can quickly see failures and successes of continuous improvement.
What is working,what's not working?.

Take action - with StaffTalk Reporting

Reporting will help the organisation view trends, follow conversations, take action and make informed decisions. All staff responses are ‘anonymous’ and can be viewed the company, department etc. Imagine if we could identity poor morale and why staff are leaving. This would be of huge value to every organisation.

Improve Employee Engagement

StaffTalk helps organisations improve employee engagement, by pointing out issues that need addressing. One can easily see the highs and lows of employee morale, and see how the positive changes to the business and the effects of continuous improvement and as a result have impacted the organisation success.

Achieve positive outcomes

Achieving engaged staff should be the goal of most organisations because it is directly tied to positive business outcomes. Maintaining and retaining employees means greater business results and a better place to work. That's is what we believe most businesses are looking to achieve.


Helps capture ideas and suggestions from staff around the business

'Suggest ' gives staff a new and exciting way to collect hundreds of ideas and suggestions from staff around the business.

Using the mobile gives your organisation a new medium to collect valuable suggestions from staff who work internally or remotely and for those that have an existing program the mobile acts as another great way to collect great ideas 365 days a year.

Gathering suggestions and ideas is one of the most cost effective things an organisation can do.It leads to many direct and indirect benefits. Asking employees for ideas and suggestions boosts team spirit, self worth,increase morale and ultimately drives staff engagement.

Employee suggestions can generate pure net profit and the cost of making a change can often produce quantum leaps in savings. If you have 100 employees who come up with 100 ideas to save just one pound a day, then it means with 250 working days a year, that is a saving of 25,000K. If your net profit margin is five percent, the savings are the equivalent of increasing your sales by 500,000k. Can you think of a simpler way to make that kind of money?


Nominate is another value add feature of StaffTalk365. For those organisations that already have a recognition program, Nominate acts as a fantastic way to collect staff recognition nominations from people who work remotely or who are not near a PC.

Here are some compelling reasons why organisations should give attention to Employee Recognition.

  • Staff are more productive and more motivated.
  • More likely to stay with your organisation.
  • Employee recognition lets employees know that their hard work is valued.
  • Improves employee retention.
  • Lets employees know that their work is valued and appreciated.
  • Gives employees a sense of ownership and belonging in their place of work.
  • Helps build a supportive work environment.
  • Are more likely to stay with the organization.
  • Improves morale and enhances Staff loyalty.

They say half of all Staff feel undervalued at work and 38% are actively looking for a new job right now Nominate helps organisations foster great relationships in the workplace and thereby reduce attrition and improve productivity.

The number one reason why individuals leave an organisation
is through lack of recognition.

Staff Privacy

All Staff feedback is totally anonymous

We take our responsibilities very seriously, we use the latest technology to ensure all staff are totally'anonymous'.

Data Privacy Policy:

This is a fabulous application every organisation should have this app on every employee’s mobile phone.

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Excellent ,easy to use we have a lot of people who work remotely this will be excellent way to communicate more effectively with our staff.

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Listening to staff, gaining,suggestions and ideas and recognising those that excel. Just great

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