An Engagement CEO takes charge of ……

  in Engaged Staff - September 4, 2017

  • The culture personally
  • Develops a strong leadership brand as evidenced by their consistent behavior and message
  • Walks the talk, leads by example and leans toward democracy over elitism in any form
  • Expresses continuous, genuine and worthy praise to their employees
  • Constantly seeks ways to keep their talent current and relevant
  • Treats employees as the organization’s greatest asset instead of a potential liability
  • Packages engagement as a profit source rather than an expense
  • Effectively manages and educates all stakeholders in the need for effective people initiatives
  • Moves the vision from short-term financial performance to long-term value, brand strength and reputation
  • Tells themselves and others the truth, especially about change
  • Is resolutely and directly connected to the front line
  • Is transparent and expects transparency throughout their organization
  • Shows respect towards all employees and learns from all of them

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