Are you listening? Giving employees a louder voice

If employees feel that their opinions aren’t being heard – that their voices don’t matter – then it’s a short hop to disgruntlement and lower performance. Why put the effort in, if your employer doesn’t do the same? Until relatively recently, the key way organizations listened to employee viewpoints was with that bluntest of tools: […]

  in Engaged Staff - May 14, 2018

Positive employee recognition is a critical element of retaining top performing employees

Many organizations acknowledge employees in a variety of ways, including their accomplishments, life events, effort, community service, wow customer service, risk taking, new ideas, extended business travel and even failure. And, how employees are recognized goes well beyond the traditional performance review, pay raise, promotion or gifts. Once in a while it might make sense […]

  in Staff Recognition - April 26, 2018

PwC Survey Finds Employees, Not Technology, are the Key to CX Success

According to a survey from PriceWaterhouseCooper, if a company wants to improve its customer experience, it needs to enhance its human experience. Three-quarters of the 15,000 consumers across 12 countries surveyed by PwC reported that while the consumer generates the revenue, it’s the employees—not the technology—who drive the experience and make the difference. However, just […]

  in Engaged Staff - April 19, 2018

UK near bottom of employee engagement ranking

A survey of more than 7,000 employees across 20 countries suggests UK employees have some of the lowest engagement with their jobs in the world. The Global Perspectives survey, released by global research firm ORC International, placed the UK 18thout of 20 countries. The only countries with lower employee engagement are Japan and Hong Kong. […]

  in Engaged Staff, Staff Ideas & Suggestions - March 23, 2018

How Best Buy dramatically dropped staff turnover

Executives at the US  big-box retailer have spent the last several years rethinking how to boost customer engagement. Turns out, the employee came first.

  in Engaged Staff - February 7, 2018

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