Failing to engage with staff in ways that foster better Customer Experience

Understanding and interpreting information is critical to improving the customer experience. But many companies overlook their most critical source for direct engagement data: their own employees. Finding the right levers to pull includes listening to the front-line team. Perhaps a support page is inadequate and should be updated, or an advertisement is causing confusion. Internal […]

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Treat employees well and they will treat customers well

Teating employees with respect, showing appreciation for their work and being an encourager will create a desire in employees to also treat customers and clients well. It will contribute to higher productivity levels and profitability. It makes employees want to come to work and not dread it. It inspires and motivates them to work harder, […]

  in Engaged Staff - December 20, 2017

Executives’ Feedback

Most managers do not prioritize employee feedback when it comes to productivity improvements. Only 26% make this a “high priority.” Nearly 55% will listen to employee concerns but admit they are challenged to address them. Twenty percent said it is “too difficult” to sift through feedback to identify employee challenges. Some 24% of respondents say […]

  in Annual Employee Engagement Doesn’t Work, Engaged Staff - December 20, 2017

Under half of respondents had not received a reward from their employer in recognition of hard work or achievements over the past 12 months

Christmas Reward 2017 report, surveyed 1,000 UK employees, found that under half (47%) of respondents have not received a reward from their employer in recognition of hard work or achievements over the past 12 months

  in Uncategorized - November 15, 2017

Only 1 Out Of 4 Leaders Encourage Suggestions From Their Employees. Leaders who listen to ‘Suggestions’ radically improve engagement

Very few leaders encourage, or are open to hearing, suggestions for improvement from their employees.Only 24% of people say that their leader encourages or recognizes staff suggestions for improvement, while 16% say their leader Never does so. As you might imagine, smart people with great suggestions really want their leaders to solicit and hear those […]

  in Staff Ideas & Suggestions - October 24, 2017

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