Retail is in the grips of an engagement crisis with only 17% of retail managers feeling that their employees are “very motivated and engaged”! A lack of engagement is responsible for high staff turnover within retail, currently at a staggering rate of 40% in the UK. Employees that stick around are subjected to an uninspiring work environment. This […]

  in Engaged Staff - October 9, 2017

Role of a CFO in employee engagement and talent development

Today’s CFO is not just a company officer charged with optimizing the financial performance of the company, but is actually embracing the organization’s entire value chain—from customer needs to back-office operations to suppliers’ contributions to competitors’ positioning—and pinpointing the places that need attention. Along with the expected level of financial acumen, CFOs are gaining competencies […]

  in Engaged Staff - October 9, 2017

Employee engagement is foundational to the success of an enterprise.

Losing sight of it is like deciding to go out of business. To compete today, organizations need to unlock the full potential of their people. They must design and implement a holistic employee engagement strategy that creates impact for employees, customers, and the bottom line, with a customer-centric view of their workforce and the delivery […]

  in Engaged Staff - October 6, 2017

Don’t let employee engagement slip to the bottom of your to-do list

All good business leaders know that having happy staff leads to happy customers. In reality, however, many still don’t prioritise employee engagement as much as they should. Only 13 per cent of global staff worldwide feel engaged. Not only does this indicate that a lot of people work in jobs they feel indifferent about, but […]

  in Engaged Staff - September 28, 2017

Engaging Employees: The Five ‘C’ Pillars

How do you take a typical team, and populate it with fully engaged employees, who are proud ambassadors for your organisation? Lets  explain the foundations of engaging employees, using strategies we’ve named the 5 C’s. In any organization, there are bound to have a couple of employees that would be labelled as ‘Zombies’’. They head to […]

  in Engaged Staff - September 19, 2017

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