How business leaders can cultivate creative employees

In today’s disruptive era, embracing creativity is important for every industry, and in all aspects of the economy, not just in the creative sector. Companies are increasingly looking for new ways to stimulate a culture of creativity and innovation amongst their employees in order to gain a competitive edge. Encouraging a culture of creativity and […]

  in Staff Ideas & Suggestions, Uncategorized - July 9, 2018

UK near bottom of employee engagement ranking

A survey of more than 7,000 employees across 20 countries suggests UK employees have some of the lowest engagement with their jobs in the world. The Global Perspectives survey, released by global research firm ORC International, placed the UK 18thout of 20 countries. The only countries with lower employee engagement are Japan and Hong Kong. […]

  in Engaged Staff, Staff Ideas & Suggestions - March 23, 2018

Only 1 Out Of 4 Leaders Encourage Suggestions From Their Employees. Leaders who listen to ‘Suggestions’ radically improve engagement

Very few leaders encourage, or are open to hearing, suggestions for improvement from their employees.Only 24% of people say that their leader encourages or recognizes staff suggestions for improvement, while 16% say their leader Never does so. As you might imagine, smart people with great suggestions really want their leaders to solicit and hear those […]

  in Staff Ideas & Suggestions - October 24, 2017

Methods for Tapping Staff for Ideas & Suggestions

So how can organisations successfully tap into the improvement ideas of their employees? One of the most common approaches is to implement a Staff Suggestion & Ideas tool such as StaffTalk365. The following are some common characteristics of a  successful Staff Suggestion & Ideas program. It needs  to be a continuously running program that encourages […]

  in Staff Ideas & Suggestions - April 19, 2016

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