Employee engagement: It’s time to bust some myths

Employee engagement — it’s a buzzword that seems to be on the rise lately. But what is it, and why should you care? By one estimate, only 33 percent of employees are engaged in their work, costing their companies between $450 billion and $550 billion each year. These costs can be seen in increased absenteeism, turnover […]

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Staff Recognition – Share Team Success is a must

Many staff members share common motivators that increase their employee engagement. By providing workers with flexibility in how and when they complete tasks, employers can promote employee engagement. However, the workforce encompasses employees from varying cultures, generations and nationalities. Each employee may have different factors that promote engagement in their work. A one-on-one assessment is […]

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Increase Employee Engagement

Enterprises rely on the motivation, passion and engagement of their staff members to prosper in the modern marketplace. In fact, employee engagement is a primary factor in determining organizational success. Each business unit has different needs, and the effort put forth by the teams from those units combine to drive enterprises toward meeting desired objectives. […]

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Positive employee recognition is a critical element of retaining top performing employees

Many organizations acknowledge employees in a variety of ways, including their accomplishments, life events, effort, community service, wow customer service, risk taking, new ideas, extended business travel and even failure. And, how employees are recognized goes well beyond the traditional performance review, pay raise, promotion or gifts. Once in a while it might make sense […]

  in Staff Recognition - April 26, 2018

You really want to boost your employee engagement, you need to deliver recognition properly.

Forbes outlines three critical recognition practices every organization should follow – receiving recognition, observing recognition, and giving recognition. Let’s breakdown each of these practices a little further. RECEIVING RECOGNITION When employees receive meaningful recognition from their managers, it can have a significant impact on their performance. Not only will they be pleased with the good job they […]

  in Staff Recognition - October 18, 2017

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