Executives’ Feedback

  in Annual Employee Engagement Doesn’t Work, Engaged Staff - December 20, 2017

Most managers do not prioritize employee feedback when it comes to productivity improvements. Only 26% make this a “high priority.” Nearly 55% will listen to employee concerns but admit they are challenged to address them. Twenty percent said it is “too difficult” to sift through feedback to identify employee challenges.

Some 24% of respondents say they have “frequent” conversations with employees to solicit feedback but there is “no quantifiable method” to do so. Fifty-two percent say they have conversations with employees but often “do not receive candid feedback.” Twenty-five percent say there is “no process whatsoever” to gauge employee satisfaction.

Some 54% say employees will share their opinions but typically withhold critical feedback about the organization. Twenty-six percent consider that they have “open and honest” conversations with employees. Twenty percent say employees try to communicate honestly but are hesitant to offer critical feedback for fear that it would reflect poorly and affect their career.

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