How business leaders can cultivate creative employees

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In today’s disruptive era, embracing creativity is important for every industry, and in all aspects of the economy, not just in the creative sector. Companies are increasingly looking for new ways to stimulate a culture of creativity and innovation amongst their employees in order to gain a competitive edge.

Encouraging a culture of creativity and collaboration is essential to business success. A recent report by Adobe and Forrester Consulting found that companies actively fostering creative thinking outperform rivals in revenue growth, market share and competitive leadership. Managers need to give employees the time and space to think creatively and collaboratively, including staff off-sites, team building activities and staff socials.

Some of the companies best known for a creative approach are Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, which actively encourage employees to try new methods, even if they might not be winners. The philosophy behind this being that if a project is a failure, it can still challenge incorrect assumptions and expose underlying issues.

We put creativity at the core of the business. Senior management actively encourages staff at all levels to try new approaches and welcomes ideas from across the business. The rationale behind this is that someone from the finance team might have an excellent idea for marketing (or vice versa!), and cross-company meetings and brainstorms are used to stimulate creative cross-fertilisation.

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