Methods for Tapping Staff for Ideas & Suggestions

  in Staff Ideas & Suggestions - April 19, 2016


So how can organisations successfully tap into the improvement ideas of their employees? One of the most common approaches is to implement a Staff Suggestion & Ideas tool such as StaffTalk365.

The following are some common characteristics of a  successful Staff Suggestion & Ideas program.

  • It needs  to be a continuously running program that encourages staff to submit ideas for improving the performance of their organisation.
  • Should have a easy to use , have a simple process to  submit idea.
  • Established a criteria for rewarding staff  for their ideas ( it could be, a percentage of  validated cost savings,a gift certificates for ideas with positive but hard-to-measure benefits).
  • One should  have a formal moderator team  which is  charged with evaluating the feasibility and impact of staff ideas with a rotating membership.
  • An established goal for the time it takes to render a decision on idea approval (e.g., 72 hours).
  • Idea “challenges” used to focus employee ideas on a specific performance issue (e.g., cost reduction ).
  • Special employee recognition for high impact ideas (e.g., lunch with the MD).
  • Automated idea management systems deployed in larger organisations to ensure efficient idea submission and evaluation.

Staff Suggestion & Ideas should be focused on soliciting staff  for ideas for improving an organisation’s performance.

Successful programs have 8 key factors in their design:

  • Short duration
  • Specific challenge for improvement (e.g., how to reduce cost, how to improve  customer  experience , safety , satisfaction)
  • Small improvement focus (e.g., how can we save at least a cost today?)
  • Easy to run
  • Immediate employee recognition
  • Rapid idea evaluation and implementation
  • Visible and active executive / department management involvement
  • Fun for everyone

By incorporating these key success factors, staff  participation can be very high and with high employee participation comes a high return on investment in your employee engagement strategy. If managed correctly  your organisation  you can expect  to  gain hundreds of ideas that drive improvement and if focused on operational cost – one can achieve tens of thousands of pounds  in cost savings.

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