Only a little more than 30 percent said they were engaged at work

  in Engaged Staff - February 23, 2016

A recent Gallup poll lays out the numbers. Of the 80,000 plus workers surveyed, only a little more than 30 percent said they were engaged at work. Gallup defines engaged employees as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.”

Something clearly isn’t working, and experts say we’re using a model that was created for an industrial economy. That was an extrinsically motivated (by something outside of themselves—think paycheck) any-warm-body-can-do-it type of workforce. Show up at  work, work eight hours,  do what you have to, get the paycheck.

Today, in our thought economy, every warm body brings different levels of education and skills to the table. And they’re more motivated intrinsically (by something inside of themselves—think purpose, self-achievement, competition, etc.) Show up at the office or the restaurant or the factory, work eight or ten or 14 hours, create an idea, change the world, make somebody’s day. The check can come from anywhere.

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