Staff Recognition – Share Team Success is a must

  in Staff Recognition - July 23, 2018

Many staff members share common motivators that increase their employee engagement. By providing workers with flexibility in how and when they complete tasks, employers can promote employee engagement.

However, the workforce encompasses employees from varying cultures, generations and nationalities. Each employee may have different factors that promote engagement in their work. A one-on-one assessment is an effective tool for discovering what motivates each employee.

Staff  recognition greatly increases employee engagement. When rewarding employees, it’s important to clearly highlight how their accomplishments fit in with corporate objectives.

Additionally, some organizations may dole out company recognition with little fanfare. A small mention in the company newsletter is an example of the type of recognition that can leave an employee feeling under-appreciated.

Conversely, recognition delivered in grand fashion works wonders in boosting morale and motivating other staff members to improve their performance. When employers invest adequately in employee recognition, the staff members respond aptly with increased engagement in the workplace.

Poor employee engagement costs United States employers an estimated $550 billion annually. Because of this loss, employee engagement is attracting the attention of enterprises in search of ways to improve their bottom lines. Firms have a treasure trove of opportunities available by improving employee engagement.

Encouraging employees to feel more connected to their work is vitally important in a marketplace that’s highly competitive and changing by the minute. At times, organizations face seemingly insurmountable challenges. To remain competitive, the firms must lead their sectors and expand their client bases, while expending fewer resources. The solution lies in effective strategies to increase employee engagement and worker productivity

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