The importance of increasing employee engagement

  in Engaged Staff - May 23, 2016

The importance of increasing employee engagement

It’s said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave people. And it’s true – many of the reasons employees claim they aren’t engaged in their company have to do with people.

Three Key Drivers of Employee Engagement include

Three drivers of employee engagement include:

  • Employees’ relationships with their direct managers: 80% of employees who were dissatisfied with their direct manager were disengaged.
  • Employees’ belief in senior leadership: 70% of employees who lack confidence in the abilities of senior leadership are not fully engaged.
  • Employees’ pride in working for the company: 54% of employees who were proud of their company’s contributions to society are engaged.

Engaged Employees Exhibit…

  • Enthusiasm – They are enthusiastic about work
  • Inspired – They are motivated by their leaders
  • Empowered – They are allowed to work the way they wish to
  • Confident – They are sure they can achieve excellence

How Can Companies Increase Employee Engagement?

 Dale Carnegie highlights five great tips for employee engagement 

  • Senior leadership must articulate a clear vision to all employees. Without a clear vision, employee’s may not know what they’re working toward.
  • Employees should be encouraged to openly communicate and influence the company’s vision through their input.
  • Direct managers should foster healthy relationships with their employees.
  • Senior leadership should continuously demonstrate that employees have an impact on their work environment.
  • Managers should show employees that they are valued as true contributors, giving them a sense of empowerment.

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