At StaffTalk, you will  work with many companies that you will know. Innovation is essential. It’s in our DNA, and it must be in yours.

Work with the best and brightest.

You will work with a team who owns a project from end to end, and contribute ideas which make a difference in the final product, no matter what your seniority is we value teamwork and people using own initiative. You will  have the freedom to take risks, try new things, and tackle problems. Your colleagues are eager to help you figure things out or expand on your idea.

Great minds need great spaces.

From our offices in Guildford,Surrey, England , we are building a exciting place to work where creativity and sharp minds thrive. You will find sit/stand desks and informal work spaces.

We will help you grow.

We encourage and support your professional growth wherever you are in your career. We invest in your development with a great job, first and foremost,but we also give you all the resources to expand.

Be a part of the bigger community.

We are believers in the community, so we engage with like minded people whenever possible. You will  have the opportunity to take part in meetups  and industry conferences and have the chance to discuss issues,ideas and listen and contribute to discussions.
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