What if I could give you a pretty much guaranteed way to increase your employee productivity by 13 percent? Yes, 13 percent increase in employee productivity!

  in Engaged Staff - September 6, 2017

First the bad news:

  • Disengaged employees are a big threat to your business
  • There are ‘Billions’ in lost productivity in the UK per year
  • Engaged organisations have 3.9 times the earnings versus ones with lower engagement within the same industry
  • 84 percent of senior leaders report disengaged employees are one of the three biggest threats facing their business
  • Nearly half of younger employees are looking for a new job while working at their current job

And now the good … dare I say, amazing … news:

  • 71 percent of employees felt more positive about their company as a result of employee volunteer programs
  • 93 percent of employees who volunteer are happy with their employer
  • 77 percent believe offering employee engagement opportunities is an important recruitment strategy to attract millennials
  • 73 percent are in agreement that offering employee engagement opportunities is an important retention strategy for their company
  • Reductions in staff turnover by as much as 50 percent
  • Marketing, sales and the reputation of the brand … can be up by as much as 20 percent
  • Employee productivity goes up by as much as 13 percent in companies with strong and consistent employee engagement and social impact programs

Please note the “strong and consistent employee engagement with social impact programs,” can make  a big difference.

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