You really want to boost your employee engagement, you need to deliver recognition properly.

  in Staff Recognition - October 18, 2017

Forbes outlines three critical recognition practices every organization should follow – receiving recognition, observing recognition, and giving recognition. Let’s breakdown each of these practices a little further.


When employees receive meaningful recognition from their managers, it can have a significant impact on their performance. Not only will they be pleased with the good job they did, they’ll be motivated to perform even better in the future. In addition to increasing their performance, employees will also be more likely to stay at your organization, as multiple reports have found that employees seek recognition from their boss more than autonomy, more money, or even a promotion – combined!


Something very interesting happens when workers see fellow employees receive recognition from their work. In addition to often feeling happy for the recognised employee, your employees are actually learning what your organisation deems as being the most important. When it’s done properly, it also builds trust between both those who receive and give recognition. Most importantly, it causes employees to reflect on the job they’re doing and analyze how their efforts can best be aligned with the company, so that they too can receive recognition.


In addition to receiving recognition and observing others receiving recognition, it’s also beneficial for employees to recognize their fellow co-workers. Employees who give recognition to others report an increase in motivation to contribute to the organization and a gained understanding of how teams contribute to organizational success.

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